Friday, May 25, 2007

More leakage...

Empty and hollow,
When like a zombie some nights,
He lies next to me.

This came to me all at once, one night last week.
People tell me, I'm at the bottom and things can only get better, but they keep getting worse.

I did learn a new phrase from himself the other day. "TTL" He uses it for 'talk to you later' but says it is used in his profession and means 'Time To Live' I like that better, and it is leaking into my brain. "Time to Live"

In all the confusion, I'm trying to find something to concentrate on. For some reason Knitting isn't working. I think I have to have more brainpower or less shaky hands. So, I have been trying my hand at spinning. Since I am a complete tyro at it, I figure the hands dont matter and neither does the end result at this time. I'm spinnning some stuff that has about a 1" staple. It's horrid, I think it is meant for felting... like needle felting or something... not really for spinning. I am working very hard at drafting and the short fibers involve some serious singular point concentration. It seems to help somewhat. I'm catching on, I'm sure of it. I'll post a pic of the results later. I just found my lost camera. (YAY!!!) and need to take tons of pictures.

TTL (almost)

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