Thursday, May 17, 2007

D'Artanian d'italiano

Yeah, forgive the poor spelling and the mixed and probably improper languages.

A knight today returned from travels afar, bearing gifts of great consequence!
Anon shall I reveal this treasure, but shall I first begin with A Tale of Illumination and great Gallantry!

Once upon a time, in a small keep nearby the Emerald City, a great and gallant man did watch over his companions, going forth on quests to conquer dragons, and do not harm to them, but stike up negotiations, for the mutual benefit of both the dragon and creatures of the forest surrounding the dragon, and the keep and its denizens. And the man was dutiful and most wonderfully victorious, and the keep prospered.

So came a time when this gentle man was sore haggard and he took his fair Lady in hand and set forth to Far Lands, exotic and soothing in clime and outlook of the natives. Gracious were the clime and the people and rested were the man and his lady.

Anon strolled they down the thoroughfare. "Hark", cried he, "just the thing I would be minded of!" For there, and they all unknowing, appeared a vendor. A board attesting a vendor of fine woolen materials, fit for the garments of kings and their betters! "Hence", Cried he, "knoweth I of just the one in great dispair, that a gift of such quality would Greatly Cheer."

Thus proceeding to the vendor, did he proclaim, "Hail and good health to thee. Procure for me a gift, of sunhine and warmth to bring light into darkness, and of a texture gentle to a sorely used soul"

The vendor produced a fine fiber of full softness and the colors of a warm summer sunset, just as the sun disappears below the horizon. And all in awe, purchased the fair knight of the vendor the fiber to convey on his return to the keep.

Graciously pleased was the one so gifted with this piece of warmth and thoughtfulness and so wrote down the story, and considered baking a great plate of chocolate chip cookies.

A very kind co-worker, escaped for a trip to Italy (lucky guy) recently with his wife and fell into a yarn shop! Knowing how down I've been (and being a really cool dude anyway (and remembering my begging)) he brought me back a lovely skein of mohair blend called Quarzo trends #46 pretty pretty pretty. Thank you so much friend. Its beautiful and soft and I am hugging it right now.

here is a link to the yarn,

Color 64
I'll get a pic of it up Asap...yeah... like the others.

and a link to the shop he got to visit!

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