Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A New Direction

Hi hi!
I've just started on a path to RNY surgery. Gastric bypass surgery. I have been wanting to do this for years, but for one reason and fourteen others was forced to put it off. Now is the time and I'm very excited and a bit nervous. My surgery wont be until probably late July, due to the insurance waiting period.

The week after my first visit with my doctor I had a bazillion calls from all the pre-surgery appointments. Did I mention I didn't like doctors? Eeps! I've met with the nutritionist once. She didnt tell me anything I didn't already know. I'm trying different protein drinks and trying to eat like I had already had the surgery. It's tough. Confirmed just about everything I have read about the Isopure..umm.. clear drinks. Ugh. Tastes like a sweaty swimming pool. Anyone run into a unflavored protein that would go in a clear drink? And I've been trying the dry stomach eating. Wait 15 minutes after drinking to eat a meal and wait 1/2 hour afterwards That seems to be working. I did go thru a weird period of... eating strange things that I like that I didnt think were going to be accessible to me after the surgery, due to dumping or just delayed because of restrictions. That seems to have calmed down. Oh! My mom adds dry no sugar added Koolaid powder to sugar free jello to ramp up the flavor, I'm going to try this with vanilla protein powder shakes, Anyone tried that?

I have been on the search for an Iphone or Ipad app that would be useful for keeping track of my food and protein intake, but havent found one that is easy and efficient. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have my sleep study on Friday night, it is required by my doctor, I am not looking forward to it. I have never slept on my back, and I have the deep suspicion that I have issues when I am on my back. I absolutely fear a cpap machine. I'm slightly claustrophobic and having something on my face is going to freak me out. Really not looking forward to that.

On the knitting front, Ive been knitting socks and more socks. Ive also decided to cast on a sweater on the day of my surgery and see if I can finish it before I can fit into it... I'm knitting it for the size I want to be!

So many things going on!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

more knitting and other stuff

I've been knitting again and life has been good! Let's see, priorities...
DH is wonderful. We are doing really well, our first anniversary is coming up! We have stale cake to eat ( the top level of the wedding cake, isnt that some sort of tradition?) and we are so thrilled about the whole thing. Oh! Also, we got a new car. A very sporty Dodge Challenger. Vroom Vroom!
DS1 and 2 are well. DS1's hair is almost down to his waist! How come mine wont do that? It's very pretty. DS2 is a cutiepie as usual, he grew a bit. I'm going to be the shortest in the house in not very long!
Now the important stuff! Knitting continues.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Same as last year

So, look two posts below at the one I wrote last year at this time. Same sorta thing going on.

Well, we did get married and things are going wonderfully. I'm doing the tax thing again. The money coming in is a good thing, we just need that little extra. I don't have to deal with the annoying one.

OOOH! I have a friend. She's crazy! She amuses me.

Let's see... oh, knitting. I've knitted about four quick hats for DH. I'm working on a nice one for my brother now. It's a beautiful brown wool, maybe fingering weight? Which is bigger DK? or Fingering? It's smaller than worsted. I started with Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch pattern on 110 stitches. Should probaby made it 120, but it is good and stretchy. I dont know how I will decrease it yet. The stitch is kind of slow going for me, but I've got a good three inches done now. Maybe four.

So that's life right now. I'm enjoying it. Happy and not so irritated.

Friday, February 18, 2011

annuall update?

I'm doing so well! I'm married. Working seasonally, again, at taxes. We have plans for the future... big plans. We'll make them work a step at a time, but finally I can see them advancing.
I told him about the "sweater curse" and he wouldn't let me make him one till afterwards. Now he wants one... with saddle shoulders. I'm planning it. Made a so cute angry birds hackysack, but not a finished pic yet. So here's a pic of the wedding table and most of an angry bird.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arrrgh!! But not the Knitting

Knitting is rocking. Going well. I'm getting better and better. I just finished a baby blanket and a new pair of socks. ... Wow! It's been a long time since I posted. Sooo... and another baby blanket and two hats and a baby surprise jacket and another for a doll... lots of stuff. Knitting is good.
The rest of life is mixed. Liked christmas pudding. With nuts.
A list. Maybe a list will help.

1- I've been divorced for just more than a year. (best anniversary ever)
2- X has been married for almost(?) a year w/family. (so much for getting rid of responsibility)
3- I've been out of work for almost 3 years. (!?! thanks, Dad! I lubs you!)
4- I have a boyfriend!! (such a cutie!)
5- He proposed! (So romantically... with a ring and everything)
6- He thinks I'm awesome! (He's right!)
7- I'm working at temporarily (seasonal) at a tax company.
8- With an idiot...
9- Who made it so I had to come in on my (sunny and warm) day(morning) off with the man.
10- and asks stupid questions... every three minutes.

I'm cranky. Verily. But happy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A little sock humor

I've recently been entrenched in socks.

I have repaired socks, I've ignored socks, I have frogged socks,
and I've started new socks (and even finished some! )

And today mom sent me a little sock humor...
Who knew they had such history!
Sock On!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

knitting ketchup...

LOL not like on hotdogs. my knitting is getting better. After the successful reception of the seacell socks, I was excited enough to start a pair for my dad. And since i am a masochist when it comes to a "learning experience" i decided to try toe up. I got to the heel and completely borked it. so ripped it back to about mid foot. it was too short anyway. Yeah, its a weird toe, just sperimenting, but i like the way it fits on my foot. These are on hold for a bit. The guage is pretty small and it was giving me a headache.

I also started some ankle socks for myself out of cascade Fixation. stretchy. got one done and started the other one. Love it. Cant wait till they are done and I can wear them. it has a garter stitch heel. bout 7 rows of k1p1 rib at the top. was done top down. Its very soft n squishy. Im past the heel on the second one. I have to figure out how i decreased for the first one... my counting sucks. but hey!! it fits!! im so excited.

The last thing I have finished is a baby blanket for a friend at school. it was my very first Lace, so dont laugh. I know there are a couple of errors, but i ripped the thing out a couple of times. you should have seen... wait, maybe i'll just show you.

<-Pre Frog
Finished ->

See, it got better. :)

Its about 45 inches. Double stranded of a wool acrylic blend on size 11 circs, size 9 doublepoints to start. . iminently washable. The pattern was
This one here....
and i think it turned out pretty darned good, myself.