Thursday, November 3, 2011

more knitting and other stuff

I've been knitting again and life has been good! Let's see, priorities...
DH is wonderful. We are doing really well, our first anniversary is coming up! We have stale cake to eat ( the top level of the wedding cake, isnt that some sort of tradition?) and we are so thrilled about the whole thing. Oh! Also, we got a new car. A very sporty Dodge Challenger. Vroom Vroom!
DS1 and 2 are well. DS1's hair is almost down to his waist! How come mine wont do that? It's very pretty. DS2 is a cutiepie as usual, he grew a bit. I'm going to be the shortest in the house in not very long!
Now the important stuff! Knitting continues.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Same as last year

So, look two posts below at the one I wrote last year at this time. Same sorta thing going on.

Well, we did get married and things are going wonderfully. I'm doing the tax thing again. The money coming in is a good thing, we just need that little extra. I don't have to deal with the annoying one.

OOOH! I have a friend. She's crazy! She amuses me.

Let's see... oh, knitting. I've knitted about four quick hats for DH. I'm working on a nice one for my brother now. It's a beautiful brown wool, maybe fingering weight? Which is bigger DK? or Fingering? It's smaller than worsted. I started with Nancy Bush's Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch pattern on 110 stitches. Should probaby made it 120, but it is good and stretchy. I dont know how I will decrease it yet. The stitch is kind of slow going for me, but I've got a good three inches done now. Maybe four.

So that's life right now. I'm enjoying it. Happy and not so irritated.

Friday, February 18, 2011

annuall update?

I'm doing so well! I'm married. Working seasonally, again, at taxes. We have plans for the future... big plans. We'll make them work a step at a time, but finally I can see them advancing.
I told him about the "sweater curse" and he wouldn't let me make him one till afterwards. Now he wants one... with saddle shoulders. I'm planning it. Made a so cute angry birds hackysack, but not a finished pic yet. So here's a pic of the wedding table and most of an angry bird.