Friday, June 22, 2007

Sucker Holes and Fiber from LYS's only Read About

A "sucker hole" is a break in the clouds, where the sun shines through and gives you hope. Usually they disappoint you in your hopes that things are going to get brighter, but when the skies have been charcoal for so long, sometimes even a sucker hole can be good.
The kids and I are doing ok alone. Prescribed chemical support and a taste of some freedom have let the sun peek its toes through occasionally. For the kids, too. Better homework diligence. Better help around the house. Lots of visiting and bicycle riding. All is well as it can be for now.

And gifts from afar! Yon fair and thoughtful knight has once again returned, from Chicago! And wherecame he upon Loopy Yarns!! ( Well known to me is the name of this establishment, visited by me only through the tales heard from afar. Beautiful Alpaca cometh, soft, sport weight, 130 yards of golden olive luciousness. This treasure, I beleive, is bound to become something I can wear close to my face... a lacy hat, perhaps. It's sooo soft.

Knitting is going along as time allows.
I finished the seacell sock, (1). I promised the receiver that she will get a pair (2). She gets them instead of me as the foot is a bit short for me, but she has smaller feet. Lucky lady. I keep learning from them, however, and the pair that ends up mine with be the best effort ever!! Muhahaha!!
The yarn I received from my other friend, the part wool acrylic is slowly being knit up into a blanket. It will be strips of stitches, whatever catches my eye as a stitch for as long as I'm not bored with it, in whatever color comes to hand, till I run out of that ball. I'm going to have to look for some more of that yarn. It is not knitting up like most acrylics, no squeak. Probably due to the wool content, and it is nice and soft. I suspect it will wash well, also. The first panel started in a large bamboo pattern. Its about 48 stitches wide, which I think is 4 repeats... so 8 "sticks" of bamboo. The next bit is going into a basketweave, using the "sticks" for the guage of the weave.
I think this will be fun and a good pick-it-up-anywhere project. Keeping it in the strips means it wont get tooooo big. I will probably crochet an edging aroud it. Easy peasy.

again-pictures when I can scrape up the time.

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