Monday, April 16, 2007

Leaking thru...

I am all alone
with him standing beside me,
but not by my side.

Crap from the rest of my life leaking through. but I like the way it turned out.

Knitting news-

I frogged my sock start. *cry*

There were too many errors and it was bothering me. When I came to an error in the pattern, I figured it must be me... but no. I'd read it multiple times, and decided just to go with it and see what happened, there were that many errors in MY knitting, maybe I was wrong, new knitter, first sock, all that. Uh, no. Heel decrease at the top of the instep? Right on the top of my foot if I was wearing it? Check the directions again... nope that is what it says.

So, it croaked.

But... I've started it again. Decided to go up a needle size too, because the fabric was tight. I took it in to my LYS with my little postage stamp size swatches for a second opinion. Yep. Move up a needle size.

I HAVE to find someone to knit with locally. Someone with convienient times and location. I need the second opinion, the examples to follow, the interactive assistance. And a friend or two.

Pics when I can...

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