Saturday, September 13, 2008

knitting ketchup...

LOL not like on hotdogs. my knitting is getting better. After the successful reception of the seacell socks, I was excited enough to start a pair for my dad. And since i am a masochist when it comes to a "learning experience" i decided to try toe up. I got to the heel and completely borked it. so ripped it back to about mid foot. it was too short anyway. Yeah, its a weird toe, just sperimenting, but i like the way it fits on my foot. These are on hold for a bit. The guage is pretty small and it was giving me a headache.

I also started some ankle socks for myself out of cascade Fixation. stretchy. got one done and started the other one. Love it. Cant wait till they are done and I can wear them. it has a garter stitch heel. bout 7 rows of k1p1 rib at the top. was done top down. Its very soft n squishy. Im past the heel on the second one. I have to figure out how i decreased for the first one... my counting sucks. but hey!! it fits!! im so excited.

The last thing I have finished is a baby blanket for a friend at school. it was my very first Lace, so dont laugh. I know there are a couple of errors, but i ripped the thing out a couple of times. you should have seen... wait, maybe i'll just show you.

<-Pre Frog
Finished ->

See, it got better. :)

Its about 45 inches. Double stranded of a wool acrylic blend on size 11 circs, size 9 doublepoints to start. . iminently washable. The pattern was
This one here....
and i think it turned out pretty darned good, myself.

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