Friday, December 14, 2007

Next year has got to be better.

I'm determined to survive until the new year.

This year has had a bit of a rough ending. My grandfather died. He was a wonderful person. Ill get a picture from my mother and post it. So handsome! I had some kind of nasty cold at Thanksgiving and now I have strep!

Hey! I did finish a pair of socks, tho! My first!
This is Fleece Artist's Sea Wool. 705 Merino, 30% Sea Cell. Plain Sock. uh...I think its a Flap Heel. made for a foot slightly shorter than mine, and slightly thicker in the ankles. Good thing, because that's how they turned out. :D The yarn was really nice to work with. Smooth in my fingers. Sometimes a little slippery if my hands were dry. I'd suggest wooden needles. I used sz 3, but I think, 2's would have been better. *I* coudln't have gone any smaller, but I think I knit pretty tight. The change in striping is my fault. Changes in stresses and 5 months? between starting the second sock and finishing it.
I liked doing them, and when I was actually working on them they went pretty fast. I LOOOOVE the portableness of them.
Oooh! I organized my WIP's! Now if i can remember *how* I organized them. At least they are all in one place.

Cheers to Next year being a better one!!

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